Privacy and Security Statement



JSC ProCredit Bank, Georgia is committed to maintain your trust and reliance by employing number of physical, electronic and procedural safeguards, as we recognize that your confidence significantly depends on how well we keep your personal data entrusted to us. Our Information Security Policy, which complies with both local and international regulations, is proactive and ensures your personal information to be secure, confidential and protected from unauthorized access/alteration, misuse, loss or destruction.


While we continue to provide a high standard of safeguarding on our systems, it’s extremely crucial that you as the end-user also take security measures. In order to assist our website visitors to work online in a more secure manner, we recommend the following:


·         Access our website by typing the Bank’s internet address ( directly in the web browser. Our Internet Banking system should be accessed either by directly stating the address: in URL address line or by following the link provided on our website. We urge you to refrain from using access paths other than mentioned above.

·         Be on alert for unsolicited emails. Do not download or open attachments unless you have obtained them from a trustworthy source. Caution: Be especially vigilant to emails asking for your personal data. JSC ProCredit Bank, Georgia will never ask you for providing confidential information via email communication.   

·         Do not share your access information with anyone! None of our employees will ask you for your password. Do not store your password either by writing it down or on your computer. We recommend you to change password on a regular basis. If you have any doubt that your access information has been compromised please change your password immediately and/or contact us by using the below given information.

·         Always exit your internet banking session by logging out (click on a “Log Out” button positioned on the upper right-hand side of your browser).

·         Install anti-virus and other internet security software on your computer and have it check all files regularly for viruses and other malware.

·         Regularly update the operating system of your computer as well as web browser software for protecting your computer against vulnerabilities.


In case if you have received a suspicious message related to JSC ProCredit Bank, Georgia, discovered a potentially phony website of our Bank or have any questions/comments about this Privacy & Security Statement, please contact us by:

Sending an email to

Calling us at (995 32) 20 22 22

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